Watts Squeegee offers the widest range of materials to the squeegee market. We have worked closely with our suppliers to create polyurethanes to suit specific applications. It is our aim to offer you materials with excellent toughness and chemical resistance to provide you with the best blade possible to enable you to achieve the best floor finish.

These materials can be manufactured in various hardnesses ranging from a 40 Shore A (soft eraser), up to a 72 Shore D (the same as nylon).

All materials are stored, prepared and processed as per our supplier’s recommendations and cast through sophisticated, computer-controlled dispensing equipment, which ensures the end component has the maximum properties to suit our customers’ requirements.

We encourage you use the following materials in Floor Cleaning applications:

2000 Series

Our premium floor cleaning squeegee offering you excellent toughness and chemical resistance.

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Developed for floor cleaning this material offers excellent toughness, stemming from increased tear resistance and solvent resistance.

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