5000 Series

5000 Series is a Vulkollan® Squeegee offering the highest abrasion resistance. These Squeegees offer long life solutions in very tough applications. Vulkollan® is manufactured under licence from Bayer AG, and Watts Urethane Products are one of only a limited number of manufacturers worldwide granted this licence.

Ideal for use in the screen printing industry where when using hot enamels

Features & Benefits:

  • Very High Abrasion Resistance
  • Very High Edge Retention
  • High Solvent Resistance
  • High Strength
  • Vulkollan┬« material


Very High Abrasion Resistance, performs very well when glass printing using hot enamels.

  • Bottle
  • Ceramic
  • Electronic / PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
  • Glass
  • Industrial
  • Solar / PV (Photovoltaic)
Bottle Ceramic Electronic / PCB Glass Industrial Solar / PV

Hardness Range:

Screen Printing - 55 - 95 Shore A