Profile Length Width Thickness
G1, G5, G6 50 - 3715mm (+10mm / -0mm) 8 – 686mm (+ / -0.15mm) 3 – 12.5mm (+/- 0.25mm)
G2, G3, G4 50 - 3450mm (+ / -15mm) 15 – 55mm (+ / -0.5mm) 3 – 12.5mm (+/- 0.25mm)
G18 2000mm (+0mm / -10mm) 20-50mm (+ / -1mm) 9mm (+/- 0.25mm)
G25 50mm – 3715mm (+/- 1mm) 9 – 12.5mm (+/-0.15mm) 9mm –12.5mm (+/- 0.15mm)
G30 50mm – 2800mm 25 – 140mm 5 – 10mm
G30R 50mm – 2800mm 25 – 50mm 2 – 4mm

Please note that the above specifications are standard, and can vary depending on the grade and material used.

Hardness Range

7000 Series: 45 – 90 Shore A

2000 Series: 60 – 90 Shore A

8000 Series: 60 – 90 Shore A

5000 Series: 55 – 95 Shore A

Solvent Resistance

Although polyurethane is generally recognised as being highly resistance to solvents, it must be noted that all polyurethanes absorb solvents. Resistance to solvent swelling is increased with hardness.

The ability of the polyurethane formula to resist edge breakdown when subjected to solvent ingression is vital in Screen Printing. Watts Squeegee Blades, unlike many others, are formulated especially to withstand this absorption, with the 8000 Series showing amongst the highest UV Chemical and Solvent resistance of any product in the market. These formulas are the result of our many years development and experience.

Colour Change in 5000 Series

The Watts 5000 Series material is a Vulkollan® material, made under licence from Bayer AG. Once processed, the material is sensitive to UV light and is therefore stored away from natural light. To maintain the colour the material must not be exposed to light for prolonged periods of time. If left in sunlight, the material will rapidly darken until almost black. This colour change has no influence on the physical properties and is purely an aesthetic effect.


Watts Squeegee offer you the perfect linear cut edge, so there is no need to sharpen a new Watts Squeegee blade. All Watts Squeegee Blades can be re-sharpened using the following guidelines:

  • Rest the blade for at least 24 hours before re-sharpening and as Watts Squeegee Blades are designed especially to be abrasion resistance
  • Be careful not to generate too much heat.
  • Apply little pressure and for short time periods.

Blade Life

Blade life is increased through periods of ‘rest’. If you use two pieces one can be ‘rested’ whilst the other one is used.

Moulded Blades

Our 8000 Series material offers many of the benefits of moulded blades, whilst retaining the benefits of a CNC cut blade.

Moulded blades are heat sealed at the time of manufacture. This sealed surface resists the ingression of solvents for slightly longer periods of time. Advances in materials such as the 8000 Series mean that cut products offer extremely high levels of resistance and therefore similar life expectancy, at far more competitive prices and enabling the use of the perfect cut edges. The 8000 Series can also be re-sharpened, unlike the moulded products.