8000 Series

8000 Series has been designed to provide solutions to more extreme applications. This material has been developed specifically to provide solutions to problems created at the boundaries of screen printing. It offers extremely high chemical and solvent resistance to enable longer life and quality of print, when other products fail.

Features & Benefits:

  • Very High Solvent Resistance
  • Very High Tolerance to UV Systems
  • High Energy Absorption / Low Energy Release (providing a smoother run)


Very high Solvent and Chemical Resistance. Performs well in applications typically favouring moulded squeegee blades. A low energy release blade that can eliminate “kick back” in large format applications.

  • Bottle
  • Decal
  • Electronic / PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
  • Graphic
  • Industrial
  • Solar / PV (Photovoltaic)
Bottle Decal Electronic / PCB Graphic Industrial Solar / PV

Hardness Range:

Screen Printing - 60 - 90 Shore A