complementary procuts

Complementary Products

Watts Urethane Products manufacture a wide range of products that may also be suitable for those of you in the screen printing industry.

Cutting Sticks

Polyurethane cutting sticks are used in a number of different industries, with a variety of different uses.

One of the more common uses is blade protection when cutting other materials. The cutting stick will be located after the material to be cut, and will protect the blade from damage caused by hitting the machine surface.

Available in hardness from 80 Shore A to 60 Shore D and in a range of colours, we also offer various dimensions and styles, including plain, chamfered, grooved, slotted and holed. For further information, please see Watts Urethane Products Ltd site.

Feed Wheels & Rollers

Used extensively in the paper, board and packaging industries, feed wheels and rollers are used in the productions stages to move materials through a process machine, without causing any damage to the product and offering better longevity and lower maintenance levels than alternatives.

At Watts Urethane Products Ltd, we have the ability to produce these products to industry standards or to individual customer specifications.

These are available in various colours and materials and a hardness range of 60 to 95 Shore A.


Polyurethane suckers can be used in a number of different sectors, such as plastics, glass, and paper and board industries. They are traditionally used in the loading of materials to machinery at the start of the production process. Suckers are available in 45 to 90 Shore A hardness and a range of colours.